askprincessbonniebubblegum1 asked: My friend saw something that really resembled the rake this afternoon, he saw something crouching in front of a grave in this graveyard on his way home, at first he thought it was a dog but then it looked at him and he realised it was man shaped but pale white skinny and naked, it had these dark round eyes too, I wanna check the history of the graveyard, I mean it could be the rake or my friend's imagination

This is creepy.


If u like my tumblr, please, follow me! Now -SCREAM-


If u like my tumblr, please, follow me! Now -SCREAM-

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More Rake pictures (he’s becoming my quest to draw now •_•)

On my way to my sister’s birthday party and we saw this.

On my way to my sister’s birthday party and we saw this.

no joke !!!!!!!!!!!

I think it was 1 or 2 years ago when i encounterd this creature known as TheRake, I was twelve or ether eleven years old , I went up to my room and when i was going up my stairs i saw a long white big eyed creature in my floor at first i thought it was my cat so i called its name”kitkat”it didint respond to a meow and it didint move but it stayed silent watching me, I could not breath for a few seconds but then i went back down runing to the kitchen to tell my big brother but he didint beleve me, He said i were just imagining it but then i rememberd seeing a creepy pasta about it and then i asumed it to be the rake by its details, ever scince i would hear strange noises and also feel disturbed when im alone. THIS IS NO JOKE IF YOU EVER ENCOUNTER THIS BEING JUST MESSAGE ME AND WE CAN KEEP IN TOUCH IN CASE OF ANY STRAGE BEHAIVER  KEVINMACIAS251@GMAIL.COM

It was around 4:09 at night and I woke up from hearing scratching noises outside I was so scared but I got up and looked out the window the sun was starting to come up and birds were starting to chirp and all that. So I closed my window and pulled down the curtains. Just as I was turning around I see this naked man that was a very pale grey with huge hands and very long claws it sounded like it was weeping and then I stepped on a broken floorboard and it creeked and the thing slowly turned its head and what I saw has scarred me for life. Its eyes we’re pure white and had a bright glare to them and it’s teeth we’re very long I quickly turned around and about 5 mins of pure silence I got the guts to grab a baseball bat that was next to me and beat the crap out of it until it died but when I turned around all prepared to smack it in the head with my weapon it was gone. I was shocked and I dropped the bat and ran to my bed and buried my face into my pillow crying my eyes out because I could not believe what I just saw. After all that I have never seen it again and very glad I didn’t well I thought I would tell you my story. Have a good night everyone :)


As I here about this thing, “The Rake” It frightens me to know that such an evil creature is out there.

But, myself have experienced or thought I experienced this Scary, Phenomenal situation. Me and my friend, we were walking out around 1:20 am, We were walking down this road and we heard this noise, the noise.. I can’t explain how it sounded like, so, we pointed flashlights over where we heard it, and to my surprise, I see these 2 glowing eyes, they were big, distracting, glowing eyes, after that we started to sprint away from it, but as we were sprinting we kept on hearing the noise.

That same night, as we were sleeping, I awoke hearing that scary noise, and to my disbelief, I saw those glowing eyes, staring at me, I thought I was dreaming, So frightened, I closed my eyes, and opened them again, it was gone. About 3 months later, my friend was spending the night over, and we heard a scratching noise on the door, we both woke, I got a knife, and when I slowly opened the door, nothing was there, but scratched in the door were some letters, we didn’t know what they meant, We didn’t go back to sleep that night, as we were thinking that we were going crazy, it stopped showing, but some nights, I feel it’s presence, watching my every move, waiting, waiting until I open my Eyes, I believe it’s real, and that it is still watching me, I fright that I will open my eyes, and, when I do, I see it staring at me.


Anonymous asked: The first time I studied The Rake, it legitly kept me up half the frigging night. I would like to learn more on The Rake, but I can't find any good sites. Any help here?

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot. I have a hard time keeping this blog halfway active due to so little Rake infos out there. However, apparently there’s a new Rake youtube series called Whispered Faith. You may be able to learn more from that. Other than that, all I do is collect submissions here from people who claim to have witnesses or experienced an attack from The Rake.

My encounter

When I was a kid I had severe Asthma attacks. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it is a respiratory disease that usually affects children, and goes away by puberty. It can cause Asthma attacks, which essentially mean you can’t breathe. But I digress.
One night on the way back from the hospital and a particularly bad attack, we were driving on this little stretch of rode I know very well. Whenever I go back to visit my hometown, I drive this little piece of asphalt. I remember very vividly, I was sitting on the back left side of my mothers van(I was maybe five or six.) and staring out the window. I was still in a booster seat, so I could look down at the asphalt from where I was sitting. I remember looking down and seeing this..thing. It was pale grey, or maybe white. It had a very thin layer of lightly coloured hair on it’s body and head, and was more like a mix of a dog, or maybe a wolf, and a human. I stared at it, and after a few seconds, it looked up at me. Now, we were going maybe fifty or sixty mph, so this thing had to be fast, and I mean fast, to be keeping up with us. It looks at me, and I remember very vividly those eyes. Black, soulless eyes looking up at me. Now, the reason I can see all this is because Christmas lights were up all down the road, and the streetlights were on, so I had a fairly decent view of the creature. It’s running near the car, and I’m starting to get scared, but I don’t break eye contact. We keep on like this for maybe fourty-five seconds, until we hit the turn to go to our home. It keeps on running. I twist around in my booster seat to look out the back window, and I see it stop, and run on. It didn’t follow us. I’ve never seen it since, though I have heard similar stories of this creature.
This is a true story, and I will only say it happened in the Southeast United States.